Setokawa Denim Project (English)

About us

"Setouchi Kawaii Club"  

“Setouchi Kawaii Club” is a community, whose purpose is to share fascinating things and places in the Setouchi area with many people.


“EVERY DENIM” is one of the denim companies in the Setouchi area, whose representative has an idea that denim should be cherished and not be wasted, appreciating the skills of the denim makers.

Setokawa Denim Project

   by "Setouchi Kawaii Club" & "EVERY DENIM"

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "denim" ?

Maybe..."cool", "stylish"....or "rugged"?

Of course!

But, we'd like to show you that denim is sooo kawaii too!!!

Many people in Japan have loved denim made in Okayama for a long time. However, most of those people are not aware of the fact that many sheets of denim are thrown away after their jeans are made. We'd like to reduce wasted materials and make good use of leftover denim. It’s our desire to show you, just how pretty denim can be!

So, our project has started.

The project team consists of people who love the Setouchi area.

We promise to deliver truly exceptional goods made from the recycled denim fragments that would have otherwise been thrown away.

How about enjoying our favorite denim with us?

Birth of This Project

This project began with "Setouchi Kawaii Club" meeting Mr. Shimada, who is a joint representative of "EVERY DENIM", in January of 2019.

The Setouchi area is famous for its denim. This denim is said to have originated in Kojima, Kurashiki City of Okayama. The denim made in the Setouchi area is highly rated overseas because of its especially fine quality.

After speaking with Mr. Shimada, we came to know about “the denim makers” and "the denim sheets".

Denim Sheets

In the processes of producing jeans, some of the denim is not up to standards due to being weaved incorrectly . It's a very tiny problem that doesn’t affect the quality. The denim is still quite good but it is not allowed to be sold to customers. It has to be put in storage.

We think that it is "mottainai" to have to put these denim sheets in storage.

"Mottainai" in Japanese means that we feel bad for wasting something.

This feeling led us to start this new project.

We thought “Couldn’t we create something new and kawaii (cute) by making good use of the denim sheets?”

Through the process of making our products we have come to appreciate how difficult it is to produce denim goods.

New Menbers Only for This Project

【Application details】

1. Whoever loves the Setouchi area

  It doesn't matter whether he or she lives in the Setouchi area or not

2. Whoever loves anything kawaii

That's how 16 members of various backgrounds and unique talents came together.

Some were born and raised in the Setouchi area and now live there.

Others grew up outside the Setouchi area and have never lived there. For instance, people from Tokyo and Kyoto have the same passion for not wasting denim producing something kawaii.

By utilizing each members’ experience, we are now working hard to produce our treasure; “very kawaii denim products”.

Production Process

We talked online many times due to the distance between us. We eventually came to the conclusion that we would make a denim picnic sheet. Finally, we met each other offline in Okayama in August, and then decided the specifications of the sheet.

After that, we had a lot of meetings with “EVERY DENIM” and the denim company ”Shinohara Textile” to make a prototype.

Thanks to their efforts, we have completed our treasured ”Denim Picnic Sheet”.

We can go anywhere 

With our denim sheet, you can go anywhere,

just like you can with your favorite pair of denim jeans.

If you open our picnic sheet, you can feel the same gentle wind as the people in the Setouchi area.

Aika is responsible for these articles.

( the Kansai region team of Setokawa Denim Project)